Michelle & Kevin Wedding Invite

Michelle came to me with a plethora of imagery – she had done her homework and knew what she liked which made the beginning process much easier for the both of us. She was able to accurately communicate her desires using visuals; so the direction wasn’t lost in the descriptive words, but rather extremely easy for me to use her inspiration to kick start my designs. Sometimes it’s really easy for me to get lost in all the different directions I could take a design – there’s an endless amount of possibilities and it can become extremely overwhelming… so thank you michelle for your hard work in collecting the imagery!

Michelle and Kevin have a really fun and lively wedding palette; we wanted to emphasize this even more with the varying fonts. Michelle had informed me that their saves the dates were photobooth style and so again I wanted to visually pull this in by making the text and imagery linear and vertical. To keep things playful we added a few icons and tied the pieces all together with matching visual elements that created rhythm and interest through out the designs.

Michelle was a lovely bride to work with and I look forward to working on a few more pieces for her wedding! I hope they have a beautiful day and enjoy wedded life as much as me! :)

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