Change of Plans

Our recent visit to Perry revealed some potentially exciting news. I had been somewhat disappointed with the small size of the kitchen space available, but upon further inspection we realized the wall dividing the kitchen and what was to be our dining room is actually NOT a load bearing wall like we original thought..this kind of throws my mind for a loop because I had settled on the above layout (#1) and though small, it was going to function. By removing the existing wall we don’t really gain that much space but we are able to open up the kitchen so it feels like there’s more room. This also allows us to have a small mudroom/laundry room which is extremely practical (more so for us than a room dedicated to a formal dining table) The garage is on the west side of the house so providing an entrance here also makes so much sense. (we would have had to enter in the dining room or walk around to the front of the house — neither of which a good option) — most of the layouts above block the door leading into the “office” or near the entrance to the basement (which would house our deep freezer) as well as a direct route to the bathroom from the kitchen // otherwise you’re walking through the living room to get to the bathroom, so ideally it’d be nice to keep that door there, but it’s proving to be difficult. I need your help and guidance again — i know its a bit confusing and my illustrations don’t have all the written details, but perhaps you can get an idea and have enough info to help us make our decision by clicking on one of the above options!

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