SO. I MAY have gotten a little carried away with craigslist this week. Three days. Three purchases.
The first purchase.. I may be having a little buyers remorse. I came across this white tufted leather couch and hastily sent it on to Luke. A few weeks ago I had hesitated on purchasing an 8 ft long victorian tufted couch and lost it…I had asked luke what he thought of that one and he was indifferent which caused me to hesitate ( i guess i wanted his approval/opinion) so knowing this he was quick to encourage me to do &/or buy any thing I was compelled to (what a sweet husband) now if only I had a discerning eye with what I would choose to purchase.

at $100 i started to envision something like this in our home…

but at the same time…kept asking myself do i love it or hate it? sometimes there’s a fine line…. I’m still riding that fence especially after seeing this NOT so white couch (think off white because of all the wear and grime it’s picked up over the years)

doing a little more research comparable couches were around $1,7343 so I was getting a good deal right?

we’ll see if i keep it.

the next purchase i’m pretty happy with. a friendly farmer had taken it out of the farm house he had bought site unseen. (the same house that when he took his wife to, she cried — i guess it was in a pretty rough state) after I gave the money to the farmer luke took the chandelier out to the car – as we chatted I grew more uncomfortable with the amount of time it was taking luke to return..turns out he attempted to balance the box the chandelier was in on a small ridge only for it to fall to the ground — breaking a bulb and scattering the crystals. (yep! but i love him)

This chandelier, which remarkably looks a lot like the one my mother inherited from her great uncle..and the one we used at our wedding, is pretty perfect!

I had been keeping my eye open for one and was finding them for around $500-$700 at the local antique stores…so with a price tag of $175 I had to jump on it. The hardest part will be deciding which room this will go in.

lastly – Luke and I had gone to the tile shop earlier this week to price out tiles for the laundry/mudroom. Two things I discovered 1. PEOPLE LOVE BEIGE …because 90% of the tiles were beige. bleh …and 2. Tile isn’t cheap. I was leaning towards a charcoal gray floor

but the price tag was a bit much at $6.49 a sq ft

so for just under $3.00 a square foot we scored big for our small 60 sq ft room!

needless to say I’m finding myself extremely addicted to craigslist. EEP – just wait until I start attending auctions…

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