Deciding Exterior Trim

Esperanza Eleganza served as our house this weekend, and will do so for the remainder of the spring on friday, saturday & sundays. My mother pointed out how Esperanza was the one who took me to the aisle before luke and I kissed as “husband & wife” …and Esperanza was there for the first time we slept at 1201…big life moments with this RV..big moments!

The progress on 1201 has been extremely slow. Thankfully we’ll only have to do this scraping/sanding/glazing/priming/painting once in our lifetime….which has made this next decision quite difficult! I started gathering inspiration for exterior trim, but haven’t thought about it too much since this post. As we move forward we plan to sand, glaze and prime as soon as the lead paint has been removed..and after reading the directions on the primer we discovered we will be needing to paint the windows within a few days, so this will have to be decided soon! A few things I know is that white is just too stark against the rich brick color so I want to change this … whether we soften it by making it a bit warmer or add a hint of gray-green to it …or do we go dramatic with a nice rich black/super dark charcoal? I played around with a few color combinations and I need some feedback! so help us out?




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