Exposed Wood Trim

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the big battle — to paint the wood trim or not?

A deep, rich and warm wood trim has stood the test of time. Exposed just the same as it was in 1888…but I can’t help but wish someone had murdered it…and painted it prior to our ownership.. the endless amount of inspiration you find when you pick up an interior design magazine or browse the various online sites (,,, ) I get soo excited about the endless possibilities of colors! The wood, I agree is beautiful, and like I said I can’t seem to paint it, but I also feel it’s limiting my choices in decorating. The images assembled took quite a bit of digging to find and i’m not in love with any. // Well i kind of love that deep navy blue, but I fear it may be too dark and dramatic for a living room/piano room?

What do you think I should do?! don’t paint it? or paint it?!

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    Leave it!

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