Half-Bath Downstairs

1| wallpaper by vivienne westood (price unknown) 2| wire basket ($11.00) 3| dino planter (sold out – will make myself) 4| Kohler Toilet K-3999-0: 5″ H x 22.1″ W x 15.6″ D ($313.85) 5| roll holder ($9.55) 6| “Blue Window” by Michael Carson 7| wall scone ($123 – hope to find this cheaper) 8| Kitten Bandit Print 8×10 on Etsy ($16) 9| Horse #1 by Julianna Swaney ($100) 10| 2012 self portraits (homemade) 11| barn light ($168 – find or make cheaper) 12| round mirror ($50) 13| wall faucet ($256.04) 14| drop in sink ($379.99) 15| table turned stand 16| chevron rug (DIY) 17| bamboo flooring ($2.89, $60.00 or so for the room)

Hooray for progress! We finally found some home owner’s insurance through Farmers Insurance. They seem to be the only company around willing to insure a home that’s unoccupied for renovations. // so happy that head ache is over! This also means we’re ready to start applying for a loan! We visited Perry’s local bank and went over the procedure with them and then met with New Virginia’s City State Bank representative, Mark — which we’ve ultimately decided to do business with. I’m currently in the state of tracking down old tax transcripts, bank statements, W2s and filling out paper work (i’ve never been so excited to do these things). The next BIG project for us is to start itemizing materials for cost and creating a timeline, which luke has already started:

1.Finish Electrical
2.Finish Plumbing
add temporary sink & toilet
8.Half Bath
10.First Floor Framing
11.2nd Subfloor

his is more detailed than the above, but you get the idea. Our measly loan won’t cover all of this but it’ll get us started! Luke started the timeline and next he’ll put together the cost sheet of the boring materials while I get to do the fun stuff like choosing sinks and wallpaper. Together we went shopping for flooring. It took me a long time to move past looking at the color stains to just look at the patterns of the wood and try to imagine the color stain i want on them.

I was drawn to one sample with milky wisps, which was of an acacia hardwood floor, but while looking at other samples i soon fell out of love with it…I started warming up to the idea of bamboo the longer i looked at them. I was surprised at the different textures that could be achieved – some you can hardly even tell they’re bamboo. we found a contender at Menards: Tigerwood Bamboo Hardwood flooring (SKU: 742-9082) the price was about right and we love that it’s a renewable resource.

we also may have chosen oakridge: estate gray for our new shingles — i’m still having a hard time imagining it on the red brick house?

maybe it’d look something like this:

or this

but i think the gray modernizes it a bit (opposed to red or green shingles) what do you think?

my very rough estimates on the layout measurements

So, the bathroom above is one of the first projects I get to start on this summer followed by the kitchen. We’re still going back and forth about the kitchen — luke thinks we should just have a temporary one, while I think the kitchen should be one of the first rooms we do…a) kitchens are expensive and we wont have a large sum of money for a long while, so i feel while we have the loan money we should use it here! b) so we can live there and eat there (save money in the long run) c) so i have at least ONE room done for my own sanity d) it’s not a room that we ever have to walk through to get to another room

?! which way do you think it’ll go? I think once we start running numbers our answer will be given to us (and i fear i may not get that kitchen)

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