Kitchen Design

And the chosen design (though it may change again?) is a variation of version 2. Thank you to everyone who voted – we got a wide range of suggestions, 2,4,5,8 & 14 being selected the most. I had originally leaned towards 14, but then didn’t like the idea of opening up the door from the deck to a counter top or having to walk around it to get to the sink from the living room. Luke has this thing, which will sound crazy to people who know that he proposed to me 3 months into our relationship, but he doesn’t like to commit. He has a hard time committing to a lot of things including a peninsula, so the movable island was the obvious choice for him. I fussed around with the layout and opted to not having the pantry in a claustrophobic closet, giving more room to fold clothes and store winter coats./// we’ll see if this will work out this weekend when we head to perry again.

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