Laundry Look

1| Gray tile, dark gray door, light 2| gray, white, red & cork! 3| gray gray gray! with painted cubbies 4| laundry basket 5| laundry detergent containers 6| antique furniture! 7| gray floors & painted cubbies 8| white cubbies – pretty! 9| cushion bench seat, white walls & gray tiles 10|LOVE this look! graphic cushion, gray cubbies, light gray tiles 11| stacked laundry – wish we had room for a work station next to it but don’t. 12| same exact layout (window/shelving size height..exact! 13| pretty.

starting to see a theme ? — i think i love gray & white — with warm wood tones. I’m pretty excited about this new addition! It’s the most practical move we’ve been able to make with the discovery of the wall being non load bearing. YAY! The Laundry room will double as a mud room and we’ll have a designated space to keep our seasonal outerwear. We also love the idea of having the laundry so close to the back yard so we can hang clothes on the line during the spring and summer months! The craigslist tiles we purchased the other day also get me excited about this space.

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