Perry Work Weekend 1

Day 1:

Home depot run –> atlas High Fives –> Removing old glazing from the windows –> THEN ATLAS BIT OUR NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR – she’s ten. she cried // when she left I CRIED. ugh so awful!! seriously. so awful. we’ve vowed to start trying harder with our training // atlas is the sweetest dog until he’s near strangers and small children…when he becomes a “Wolf” (coined by my nephew). He’s so incredibly scary and I couldn’t live with myself if he seriously hurt someone…so the positive reinforcement when strangers are around is being upped ..A LOT and we plan to get a muzzle for when we know the little guys will be around. I can’t risk this again. I soo hope this is a phase and that once he’s out of his adolescent years he’ll be an amazing dog like he is with us. I don’t want to have to get rid of him ..or put him down :(

Day 2:

we met up with luke’s uncle Dale and he gifted us an old electrical box (we have electricity!) –> last minute decision to stop at god father’s pizza buffet (good/bad idea!) –> safety first /gas masks to avoid the lead paint & kept atlas tied up inside –> luke broke the first window while scraping off old glaze (super easy to do!) so he stuck with removing windows while I scraped for the most part –> We used linseed oil to coat the glaze that was harder to remove so that it could break it down for easier removal after a few hours –> THEN my parents showed up !! YAY! and my dad informed us we were doing it the hard/longer way…he suggested we get a heat gun to remove the glaze and old paint so we’ll attempt that next time we’re up and hope for more results!

I was pumped to FINALLY get started on the house — though we are still waiting to hear back about the loan — !!! anxious to find out because we’re not sure what we’ll do if I’m not approved! eep. somewhat of an emotional weekend but..we started on the house! YAY!

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