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it’s not unusual to hear small children chatter, birds chirping and pickup trucks muscle their way by beyond the brick walls of 508. luke and i found ourselves packing up our small one bedroom house in austin, texas in exchange for this. a father fell ill and our lives turned upside down for what seems like only a few moments now, but had held heavy in our hearts for what seemed like a lifetime then. It was two months before our marriage and we were surely tested as those two very short quick months were full/full of planning/crafting/researching/making/doing/family/&stress. post healing/post marriage… we quickly settled in and lazily hibernated for a much needed 6 months. <–this time was full of quiet moments, family, a few mini adventures, fun and lots of rest. fast forward to a year later (now) and here we are again. health scares & moving ///and stress. we're packing up 508 to move in/between my parents home and the RV in perry. living out of backpacks and plastic bags is what i'm good at. This was all prompted by our assumption of receiving the loan we had been working on for far too long and the desire to not pay double (rent&loan payment) — it has now been turned into a way to save money to use towards the unfinished home //(& perhaps motivation to do it quicker). // our chapter here is closing and RV nights in what is our forever home's driveway & late night chats that inspire & encourage growth and introspection with my parents will soon begin.

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