Dancing Fingertips

falling in

Monday, January 4, 2010

“Beat happening hearts glanced from the stars by the narwhal tooth of tattooed nonandrogynous unicorns rainbow dancing, defying space, time. A continuum to be continued.” – luke

fingertips dance lightly decoding messages written in an electrifying fashion…our lips are magnetic and the gentlest pressure creates currents that send our whole bodies crashing into one another. i’m no longer scared to let you in..my eyes find comfort within yours. an exploding sense of wonder and curiosity caused a sudden urgency to pursue a friendship…to let the hours shared blossom and not die from distance and time. you came to me. and you came to me 100% you had no shield or armor you let me poke, prod, and examine every inch of you…tear away at your insides..no reservations…you were in this and i in return followed suit. i let my guard down..the guard i’m so good at keeping up…you passed tests with flying colors in mere moments..when it takes others weeks/months/years. i find myself throwing thoughts at you, whether you want to know them or not…i can’t resist the desire to tell you everything…i’ve never felt the weight of trust so heavily …its a beautiful thing to find someone who instantly makes you feel real…i mean…there’s just the purest form of honesty…self doubt and insecurity melt away..leaving comfort. This comfort is not without passion and this is where this far surpasses any beginnings i’ve had before. it’s always been one without the other.

eyelids close opening thoughts of tomorrows..here is where i see you and i. together. secret stories evolve in my head of a life i want to lead and you find your way in it. my once sluggish heart pitter patters and hair stands on ends when my thoughts slide to you. i want to reach across states and kidnap you..take you into my arms and breathe in the same air that you do. i want our worlds to coincide ..separate yet together…i wont get lost in you..you’ll help me find me and i’ll help you find you …and this is where we’ll flourish

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