Summer’s Inhales/Exhales


Friday, July 16, 2010

the room housed quiet breaths – plastic parallels expand and contract as air passes between – slipping in through the cracks it finds its way to my freshly sun-kissed legs. He wrestles beside me, quick hands towards summer flies that jet and buzz among our half-naked bodies. I inch my way closer so I can feel his body close to mine. I match his inhales and exhales. we’ve become one. a muscle, a life force, the only right among the wrongs. he leaves just enough oxygen for me – he’s very conscience of the air he takes – always asking if i have enough. i’m not suffocating, my chest rises and lowers with ease and comfort. he’s even teaching me how to take more in. i love him. It was sometime before this my body floated weightless upon the water – my head only immersed so far in as to swallow my ears. the water was still and it was here that i could only hear my breathing. out of the water’s false weightlessness I can hear yours and mine together. the house breathes too. with every second that passes one less breath is taken/released. we’re alive and living. i haven’t held my breath in a while. i have no reason to. fear is not something that consumes me. thoughts of he and i..our reality together has a freshness that i want to savor. lush and full. i’m plump with love.

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