The Story Begins

in the beginning

Sunday, December 27, 2009

the skeletal remains and carcasses of cars swallowed by the snow sat staring at us along the cold gray pavement as we made our way south…the earth, brown and gold with a blanket of white held tight to the brittle trees. i wanted to take them between my fingers and snap them from the land, this idea sounded satisfying to me. warmth slowly took the place of coldness and the ground began to breathe again…the direction i’m heading is exactly what i needed…

60 seconds in a minute 60 minutes in an hour 15 hours in a car allow thoughts to breed and multiply and challenge realistic points of views. the intensity of our encounter was magnified by 20. you were once just a story…a wanderer, a traveler, an explorer – living in the trees. a dream of a boy a girl like me wanted to meet one day…and then that dream slowly became a reality. hidden and out of plain view for anyone else to see ..secret stories beneath blankets and kisses when silent slumbers happen…an awkward lingering until brothers go to sleep tiny talks turning into something more. a gentle kiss on the forehead and tangled fingers finding comfort intertwined with each others. giggles and exclamations of surprise and pure amazement find their way into the air. a creaking sound causes a pause as we wait to hear a father or brother come down the stairs and catch us in a compromised position. we laugh at our fear and the days of being in high school come rushing back to us. we feel alive and young. i feel a sense of sincerity and security… i’ve never felt this way within a kiss. you have years on me but this doesn’t seem to matter. the exchange was innocent and honest in a way that felt so real. our sleepless night was small yet left quite an impact on me, but now what? my reality is here and yours is there…an e-mail, a mailing address, a phone number exchanged …a foundation that only had a few hours to be built is what we have to work with…a visit to austin ? but when? and then what? perhaps i should lay this fantasy to rest…the obstacles seem too grand………………….but i don’t think i want to.

you inspired me to write my first song:

thank you.

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