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Monday, April 19, 2010

clumsy feet stumble upon small rocks that litter the earth that’s been matted down by foot steps before you. your eyes hold fast to the floor as if to save you from twisted ankles and muddy faces. you haven’t walked down this path before, but you’ve been on ones just like it. it’s here, right now, that you make the conscious decision to turn back around and find another way to the gurgling water and the open sky. losing your barrings and gaining frustrations you’re forced to trudge through, and you do it…then alas you meet the entrance to a path that leads towards splendor. here you look up. the earth, like a sponge, has soaked up water giving life to greens and depth to browns. the limbs twist about beside and above reaching out towards you and to light. dancing with the wind. you soak up the sun and sip the air. this journey is to be savored. the earth has give and it embraces your every step. the air kisses your skin and the birds sing their song lulling you deeper in. water whispers from a distance.

“this is the good stuff”

my shoes are removed and my feet break through the cool water. deliberately leaving the sleeping shore i choose slippery stones carefully. my ankles cause a divide in the water as it circles round and meets back up on the other side. i look down again at my feet. this time a sheen film distorts them and i almost don’t recognize them as my own. this new view-point will take some getting used to, but the water’s invigorating and alive. the current could carry me a life time.

i’ve never been happier.

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