Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the sun’s warmth was interrupted by a cool, frequent wind that pierced through the threads of my sweater and burned my skin. i lifted my arms as if to welcome it. the wind fought the flap of fabric that hung loosely from my arms and i wished it’d catch sail and lift me up into the air. my nostrils expanded to let the freshness fill my lungs. a serene feeling of calmness filled my body and i felt full. full of life and happiness.

These times are rare and yet I get the sense that it’s only just begun. My life has taken many turns…i’ve passed through places and places have passed through me. taking with me stories and faces, making memories that have sculpted the person i have become. I have entered a new chapter. The decisions being made hold greater weight, but my confidence within my ability to make them has made it easier. Somewhere after I had sewn up my teenage/college years I grew into a woman. I do not claim that my growing has ceased, I only trust who I am and where I’m going for the first time ever.

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